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Tips for receiving emails from Cary Band Boosters

As of this weekend, we believe that we've updated our mailing list to have all of the contacts that we have connected to the 2021 mailing list groups. Another email ("Band Camp, Week #2") was sent to our lists on Sunday afternoon. Please check to see that you did or did not receive this email from our Fall Operations account.

We are receiving reports that Gmail (and probably other mail systems) are filing messages from our iContact list into peoples' Promotions folder (or other "advertising"-type folders, or maybe even Spam folders). If you still aren't receiving email messages from the Cary Band organization in your inbox, check your default filtering folders to see if your email provider is filing these messages away somewhere outside your Inbox for you.

For Gmail specifically, see this post on their support site about what's going on, and how to stop certain messages from being filed away. If you've confirmed that you aren't receiving these messages in any folder (spam, advertising, etc), please drop us a note so that we can update your account profile here.


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