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Cary High School Band programs are self-funded through the Band Booster program. Our budget encompasses Band Camp, transportation, bus drivers, equipment, uniforms, staff members, competition entry fees, music copyrights, props, show design, food and much more. Our total budget is divided among our participants to derive at each student’s Fair Share Assessment for the year.

We know that the Fair Share is a large amount for any family. That’s why we have a payment schedule to pay your fair share over time. Further, we provide a large variety of fundraising opportunities that are credited directly against your fair share assessment. These funds will roll over from year to year until the student graduates (or leaves Cary High School). Upon graduating, all funds remaining in the account can either be transferred to a sibling’s account that is currently in the band program or transferred into the band’s general account.

Starting in 2020, Boosters will require settling previous season's assessments before enrolling in subsequent seasons. Please reach out to the Band Director or Booster President if you have questions about this policy.


We have a number of programs you can participate in to raise funds that are credited to your fair share assessment.

If you are in need of assistance to meet your fair share obligation, please view information about Scholarship Requests.

Fair Share Tips & Information

You can help us greatly by following these suggestions:

  • You will receive periodic statements by email showing the charges and credits to your fair share assessment.

  • Treasurers are volunteers, just like you, and may make mistakes. You are responsible for requesting any needed corrections. Mistakes are much easier to correct the sooner we find out about them. The longer you wait, the harder it is to trace the problem and in some cases, if too much time has elapsed, we may not be able to correct the problem.

  • Please do not give payments to the band director. Use electronic payment options, the Treasurer dropbox, or mail check payments to: Cary Band Boosters / P.O. Box 91 / Cary, NC 27512-0091

  • Please do not make cash payments.

  • Write your student's name in the memo line on your check.

  • You are receiving benefits from the fair share assessment payments. Therefore, it is not tax deductible.

  • Any positive balance at year end will be automatically rolled over to your child's fair share balance for the following year if returning to band.

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