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Facebook makes it dead simple to create your very own fundraiser and promote it on your Facebook feed. Facebook covers all transaction fees so that 100% of donated money reaches the non-profit of your choice. And, of course, we hope you choose "CARY BAND BOOSTERS CLUB" when you create your online fundraiser.

Follow the easy steps below to create your very own custom Facebook Fundraiser. Note there are slight differences in menu navigation to get to Fundraiser creation between Facebook web page and mobile app. 

In order to get credit for your Facebook Fundraiser, you MUST send the fundraising URL to

From the Facebook home page / screen, go to "See More" or "Menu" in order to find the "Fundraisers" option.

On the "Facebook Fundraisers" page click on "Raise Money". If you are on the mobile app screen click on "Create Fundraiser".

Choose "Nonprofit".

Search for "Cary band" and select "Cary Band Boosters Club".

A default configuration for your fundraiser is pre-filled in to the form.

Feel free to modify the title, description, photo, fundraiser end date, and dollar amount fundraising goal.

It is a good idea to use a photo of your student in marching uniform. You may be able to find a photo in uniform in the
band's photo gallery.

Finish by clicking "Create". You will be presented with ways to share out your fundraiser. You can post directly to your Facebook feed, a Facebook Group, etc. You can also get a unique URL to share out in other ways.

Your Facebook Fundraiser 

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