The Boosters' goal is to provide opportunities to earn credits towards your assessments. It is important to us that the rate is worth your time.  As such, this year we have gone back through the past few regular seasons, and reviewed the rates of student account credits issued versus the revenues from Koka Booth and Coastal, combined into a single source of monies.


For the 2022-2023 season, the Boosters have set the rate for credits as follows:

  • Standard credit rate:  $17/hour for staff, $20/hour for leads

  • Holiday event rate:  $20/hour for staff, $25/hour for leads

Holiday events are any shows that fall on the following days:

  • Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday

  • Christmas Eve (Dec 24) through New Year's Day (Jan 1)

Venue Signup Calendar

Open the calendar in a new window on your computer to add it to your own Google calendar.

Koka Booth Amphitheater

Facility Updates

  • The Town of Cary is updating the sound system in the whole facility through the spring; this work will be proceeding for the next couple of months

  • ADA improvements are being performed, adding new sidewalks; parts of the venue will be fenced off while this work is going on

  • The ATMs that are normally on-site will not be available at this time; however, every point of sale in the facility will be able to take card and tap payments.


  • The season is opening with traditionally smaller shows - Movies by Moonlight and the Jazz Series.

  • Total capacity for the venue for these initial events will be around 900 people; this is still almost twice the normal full attendance for these sorts of events.

  • NC Symphony returns in June; touring shows and festivals in late summer

Guest Policies

  • There is a new Health and Safety page on the KBA website that addresses all of these changes. See the facility website to view in its entirety.

  • There is a new "Clear Bag" policy, in order for staff to inspect possessions without touching; as a result, the list of disallowed items has increased.

  • The main entry gates will have metal detectors, to reduce the requirement for touches.

  • Tickets will be self-scan at the point of entry, either from digital delivery or print-at-home.

  • Tickets purchased at the box office can also be sent to the guest immediately by email, allowing digital scanning.

  • Update, May 26:  The bottle-filler water fountains have been turned back on.


General Staff/Volunteer Policies

  • Badges will be required at the staff check-in gates; information about this will be coming to us at a later time, from CSC.

  • Staff parking for April and May are in the second lot at KBA; we are not being banished to the far lot until June, when larger shows begin.


  • There is minimal functional change to the way concessions will operate, from previous years. Most of the changes are in management protocols.

  • The menu is being simplified to permit minimal touch processing.

  • Several foods we normally served "loose", such as pretzels, hot dogs, and popcorn, are going to be pre-bagged for us to just grab and hand.

  • To start, there are no third party vendors or food trucks on site - we are it for concessions. There are plans to return them later in the summer, though, as lessons are learned and the facility figures out the best ways to handle events and crowds.

  • Picnic in the Park will still be available to guests. Tzatziki's and Lowes Foods are back, and Pizza Hut is being added this year.

CBB Volunteer Details

  • Uniform: Green band polo shirt, or other green shirt for non-band or new band members; Tan/khaki pants/shorts

  • Concessions at Koka Booth are basically standard retail operation. The general schedule of events for an given event is:

  • Gates open about an hour before the event starts.

  • Leads report 60-45 minutes before public gates; initial shows are not being run as count shows, per John, so there will be minimal inventory management. Set up registers, fill supplies.

  • Staff report 30-20 minutes before public gates. Initial cash fill from office to registers

  • Events generally have an intermission.

  • Early staff release will usually occur 15-30 minutes after the intermission ends and concession crowds thin.

  • The third and fourth registers, if open, will be closed at this point

  • Last call for beer/wine is 30 minutes before end of show.

  • Equipment broken down; floors and surfaces cleaned; trash to collection points.

  • All but lead and one staff dismissed by end of show

  • Remaining people complete register counts

  • All dismissed by 15-20 minutes after end of show

Coastal Credit Union Music Park

(aka Walnut Creek)

Facility Updates

  • Coastal Credit union Music Park opens to the public on July 23rd.

  • Orientation for CCUMP will be held as a virtual event

  • TEAM alcohol training will likely also be held as a virtual event


  • Currently 21 shows scheduled, between July 23rd, and October 22nd

Guest Policies

  • TBA