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The Cary High School Marching Band proudly presents their 2024 production "Sonicwonderland".  More details will be provided as the show develops.

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Interested in the Marching Band?  
It’s a Bands of America Grand Nationals Year!
Show up to the mini-camps.  That’s how you get plugged into it. 


I hope that you will read through this information and make an informed decision about being involved with one of best parts of Cary High School, the Marching Band.  Check out the links below to learn more about what we do. 



Don't miss out on being a part of the fun, most award-winning, and biggest part of Cary High School, the marching band and color guard!

In Music,

Mr. Foster


Parents Take Note

·         Studies indicate that music education dramatically improves a student’s ability to solve 
      complex math and science problems.


·         Students who participate in music programs score higher on standardized tests.

·         Music participants, on average, receive more academic honors and higher grades.


“Before I became a member of the Marching Band, I was heading down a path that wasn’t good for me — I now have higher expectations of myself. The program demands much of us — the challenge is ongoing. I think it’s crazy not to be involved with the Marching Band.”


“It’s a great place to meet new people and have fun — I met so many kids as a freshman in the band that it was much easier starting high school in the fall.”


“This is a once in a lifetime experience — you can’t get these feelings in any other high school activity!  It’s amazing how much it changes you — I used to be very shy, but the program has changed that.”

Sounds Great!  (But I have a few questions)

“I’m worried that I’m not good enough to be in the Cary Marching Band”.  Acceptance is based on the student's maturity level and positive attitude as well as their playing abilities.  If you are dedicated to doing this, we will help you reach your fullest potential.  ALL ARE WELCOME HERE!


“What’s the next step for Marching Band?”  Show up to the rehearsal on the calendar for your section.  Follow any emails with information.  Rising 9th grade through 12th grade student “mini-camps” will be held in April/May.


“What classes do I sign up for to be in the band?”  In February/March of 2023, sign up for Concert Band.


“Is there a Marching Band Class?”  No.  Marching Band is an extracurricular activity.  Sign up for the band class and you are qualified to be in the Marching Band.   You do NOT have to be a member of the marching band if you are in a fall sport.  We want you to participate in as much as you possibly can.  It all starts with signing up for class.


2024 Marching Band Performances

  • All Cary High School home football games

  • Local parades and events - Lazy Daze, Cary homecoming parade, Cary Holiday, and Raleigh Holiday

  • Local Competitions - at Panther Creek, Middle Creek, Sanderson

  • Hosting and performing at the 65th Annual Cary Band Day

  • Bands of America Nationals at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN

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