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The Cary Marching Band is made up of three sections - the horn line (all brass and
woodwinds), drumline/front ensemble and color guard. The Cary Marching Band is one of the
elite marching bands in the United States. They consistently earn high rankings because of the
hard work and dedication of the students, staff and families. The band has achieved many top
honors in the last few years including being a regional finalist in Bands of America competitions,
and Semi-Finalist at the Grand National Championships.

Awesome video that talks about what it’s like to be in the High School Band -

Great video for your parents to watch about participation in Band -

Marching Band Mythbusters

Myth #1: We can never take a summer family vacation. Busted! Marching band takes a
month off during June/July and has a summer schedule that is VERY OPEN for family

Myth #2 : Marching band takes over your life. Busted! Marching band practices during the
school year with approximately 3-4 practices a week. That leaves time after school for plays,
clubs, sports, church activities and dinner with the family. Band students participate in nearly
every athletic team in our school. You can do sports and band!

Myth #3: I can’t take AP or honors classes and be in the marching band. Busted! As a
matter of fact, the collective GPA in marching band is one of the highest of all activities at
Cary. Many of our students are AP and Honor Students.

Myth #4: Marching Band is expensive. Busted! There is a cost to being in the marching
band, but we have many opportunities to fund raise to help offset those costs. Band camp and
travel expenses are included.

Myth #5: I can’t play in the band because I don’t play a marching band instrument. Busted!
If you play the piano, guitar, oboe, bassoon, etc., don’t let that stop you from considering
marching band. The staff will help you find an instrument where you can be successful.

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