Our program can’t run without the help of many, many, many volunteers. Please make every attempt to donate time, items, services, or all of the above.

Time: We need chaperones for practices, football games, and competitions. We will need drivers for students on occasion, particularly in the winter. We will need parents to help load and transport props and other equipment.

Items: We need many food and drink items (teenagers like to eat!).


Service: Examples of service opportunities are uniform/costume maintenance, prop building/maintenance/transportation, pulling the trailer, etc.


When we represent the Cary High Marching Band on the field, as volunteers, we were Greenwear. These are approved items of clothing that are immediately recognizable and help our Band look top notch.

What do I need to wear?

In order to volunteer at an event or competition, you will need to wear the following Greenwear...

  • Black shorts or black pants

  • Approved Hat or Visor

  • Approved Polo

  • Approved Sweatshirt or Jacket

  • Approved Name tag

How do I order?

We order Greenwear in batches. Please order as soon as possible as there will be absolutely no orders accepted after these dates:

  • First batch...

    • July 31st: Dropbox paper form order cutoff

    • August 2nd: Online order cutoff

    • Delivery by August 16th

  • Second (and final) batch...

    • August 14th: Dropbox paper form order cutoff

    • August 16th: Online order cutoff

    • Delivery by August 30th

How do I order a name tag?

Print, complete, and place the following form in the band dropbox.

How do I order other Greenwear?

You may either order online or use the following form to print and place in the dropbox.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many "teams" you can join to help Cary Band be a success. Fall Marching Band season in particular requires a lot of helping hands.

Following are some of the different areas that Cary Band can always use a helping hand... Just get in there and volunteer:

  • Pit Crew is responsible for the transportation and handling of props and equipment.

  • Uniform Team ensures that everything related to uniforms runs smoothly... inventory, student assignment, last minute repairs, etc.

  • Food Crew feeds the students dinner during Band Camp and at key events so the students can stay focused on preparing and performing.

  • Prop Team builds the show props.

  • Cary Band Day is a category unto itself... with the need for many to help plan leading up to this event and the many needed on the day of... much more information will be shared and volunteer invitations to come.

Choose a team and join. If you have any questions, reach out to Crystal Sigmon, VP of Fall Operations.