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A time-honored tradition of the Cary High Band is the annual Fruit & Nut fundraiser. We have been selling Fruit and Nuts to Cary residents for over 40 years! Cary residents look forward to our sale to help support our band, and we are working to ensure that all the proper safety and health protocols are followed in order to  keep this tradition. This is a great way to kick start the holiday season as well.


Why should I sell Fruit & Nuts this year?

It is also a great opportunity for you to pay off your Fair Share Assessment. Even though COVID-19 disrupted our Spring and Fall programs, you may still have a balance for a previous season. For freshmen, you can get a head start and any funds you raise will apply to future seasons. Additionally, part of the proceeds will be going towards the general fund.

All proceeds from sales that do not have a student name associated with the order will go towards the purchase of instruments!

How do I sell?

This year, orders will be done online using the following link: Because you will personally deliver orders that you sell, it is strongly recommended to ONLY sell to local individuals and students are responsible for ensuring their customers receive their orders in a timely manner.


Payments will be made by Credit Card through PayPal at checkout time. Students will be responsible for ordering online for their customers who give them checks or cash.

When can I sell?

Orders can be placed now at but will be cut off on November 13th. So, get started!

When do I pick up orders?

Pick up will be Friday December 11th in the Cary High School auditorium foyer. The exact time will be announced later and we will arrange time slots to follow safety guidelines if needed.

You MUST pick up your sales and delivery during the designated pickup time. As well, fruit and nuts are to be delivered the weekend they are picked up in order to be as fresh as possible.


Please contact for questions.

How can I sell?

For your's and other's safety, plan on using social media and emailing. Here are some ideas:

  • Email friends and family near to the Triangle area.

  • Post on your Facebook timeline so your friends can see.

  • Post on Facebook Groups you belong to. For instance, your neighborhood may have a group.

  • Post on the Nextdoor app.

  • Post on Instagram.

To help you out, here are some images you can use to email and post on social media:

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