Dear Director,

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share in the excitement that is Cary Band Day, one of the oldest and best-known competitions in the Southeast. Traditionally held at the end of the marching band season, it has been a showcase of great marching bands performing at the peak of their seasons, showing off all of their hard work. The Town of Cary and it’s citizens are very supportive of Band Day by cheering the bands on from the first band performing that morning to the last field show performance that evening. Our contest offers:

  • Lots of awards for each class
  • Top quality judges from around the region
  • Directors Hospitality Room
  • An experienced staff to make your stay comfortable, organized and efficient
  • Two awards ceremonies
  • Performance at both ceremonies by a College Band
  • On-line information for easy access
  • On-site instrument repair

More details

Please consider joining us for the entire day and enjoying top notch bands from Virginia and North Carolina performing in competition. If we can be of any assistance please contact Sandra Williams, 59th Cary Band Day Chairperson at or (919) 467-4648 or (919) 345-6603; Cary Band director Matt Minick at or 919-460-3572.