FREE Percussion Masterclass!

Percussion Master Class!

Hey Cary Percussionists, a great opportunity has just arisen. Casey Sagolla-Slamp, a percussion instructor in our area, is offering a free GROUP LESSON for all Cary Percussion students on Friday, April 17th. The Google Meet will be from 12:00 noon-12:45pm(ish).

You all need to do this. Reasons:

  1. Casey is a really great teacher who is the percussion caption head at Carolina Gold Drum and Bugle Corps, studied at James Madison University on Music Performance, and a local teacher who knows his stuff.

  2. You get to see all your percussion friends again.

  3. You can work something up in the next week (link below) so you won’t be bored. Have fun playing!

  4. Dude. It’s a free lesson with a great teacher. Score.

Here is a PDF of the music - 1 is a mallet selection (can play on a piano or anything you can get your hands on) and the other is a snare drum excerpt.

Don’t be intimidated by the music. If you can’t play it, no problem. Be a part of the lesson anyway. You will learn alot just watching as well!

Mr. Foster

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