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Chocolate is in!

Starting Thursday, January 20th to March 17th

Chocolate is in! How can you pass up an email about chocolate!

Looking for another way to raise money for your band assessment? The is an easy one!

The Band will be selling chocolate January 20 - March 17 (almost quarter end). Once again, we will be selling Gertrude Hawk Chocolates — which as you some of you know practically sell themselves. We have 13 delicious flavors!

Here’s how it works. Each box includes a variety of 48 chocolate bars. As in the past, you purchase the box upfront ($72). You sell the chocolate bars ($1.50 each) and keep the proceeds. Your student assessment account will then be credited with $32.40 for each box purchased/sold. (The remaining money goes to product cost $36/box; and the band general fund $3.60/box.) This is a pre-paid sale. You can buy one box (or more) at a time as your student sells, as often as you like. If your financial situation prevents you from paying upfront, please contact me or Mr. Foster to make other arrangements.

Your students ARE allowed to sell at the beginning of their classes, and truly that’s where most sales take place. Certainly you can sell to neighbors, friends, family and even put in family owned businesses if you wish.

If you are interested in selling chocolate (and I hope you are!), I will be available to distribute the first batch of chocolate BEFORE school 6:30a.m. - 7:10a.m. on Thursday, Jan 20 & Friday, Jan 21 on the Macy’s star. You read that correctly, I’ll be at school first thing in the morning at 6:30a.m. - 7:10a.m. on both Thursday 1/20 and Friday 1/21.

After this week, I will be at school Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings only, also 6:30a.m. - 7:10a.m.

I can take cash or checks made payable to Cary Band Boosters…remember this is a pre-paid sale, once you have sold your last box - you have truly paid nothing out of pocket.

Or feel free to text me at 954-401-8772 with questions, or to make other arrangements to pick up your box sometime this week or weekend.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Kathy Wagner


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