Cary Band Curriculum - 4/16/2020

Cary Band Curriculum - 4/16/2020

Fun activity day!  This is an optional activity, but it’s one that you should do.  Not for me, not for a grade, but for others. Check out the video below, and read the PDF.  Spread some happiness!

Video -

PDF description -

For next week, I will make a playing assignment for all periods.  I’d prefer you do the assignment via SmartMusic, but you could also email me the assignment, or put it on Google Classroom.  I will post soon about what I want you to start playing. It will be do on Friday the 24th.

Percussion (or, anyone who wants to learn something new), we have a free webinar today with Casey.  Even if you didn’t practice the excerpt, BE A PART OF THIS. Be a sponge listening to great musicianship and awesome percussion skills.  This is at 12noon today.  Google Meet link here -

Take care guys.  I will talk to you again soon.

Mr. Foster

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