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There is nothing that can truly replace the enjoyment of music face to face, However, we must think outside the box to keep the student's playing skills moving forward, engage their curious mind to the possibilities of music outside of the classroom, and inspire them to make music a life long endeavor. 

With the "think outside of the box" mentality, the students will be grouped into 2 different segments.  The 1st group will be their respective bands that they are in (Freshman Concert Band, Symphonic Band, or Wind Ensemble).  Then their 2nd grouping will be based on their instrument (woodwinds, brass, or percussion).  This separation will help to focus the instruction at where the students are at developmentally with their skill set.  Also, each group has different needs and approaches.  For example, teaching percussion while at the same time as teaching a flute is very much like teaching English and Science class at the same time.

*IMPORTANT TO NOTE - all of the "plan B" students AND the "virtual academy" students

will be grouped the same online. YEAH!  If you have signed up for VA and didn't take band,

The breakdown of how this all works

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - segmented large group guided practice time.  Each segment will have 25 minutes each day to work in real time with the ensemble.  

Tuesday/Thursday - Each band will have 45 minutes of real time instruction in the realm of a Music Appreciation type course designed to give the students opportunities to understand a more worldly context of music.  The students will be engaging in lessons that will have reading assignments, videos, and most importantly, MUSIC that will expand their listening pallet. 
























Grades - Student accountability is VITAL to their continued development.  There will be periodic playing examinations where students will demonstrate a skill/etude/song by recording themselves, and sending to Mr. Foster for a grade via Google Classroom.   The students will not be able to see other's work, only Mr. Foster.  Also, at the end of each Music Appreciation chapter, there will be an online Google Form examination assessing what the students have learned for each chapter.

Which band are you in? Click and find your name hereThis list may not be completely up to date.  If you do not see your name, please email me - crfoster@wcpss.net.  There are a few students who indicated they wanted band, but have scheduling conflicts.  Please contact me as well.  We will for the 2nd semester, audition all students again for anyone wanting to be placed into a different level of ensemble.  

Google Classroom and Remind - Concert Band - euip2df .  Symphony Band - wx2mimj .  Wind Ensemble - pamlq6y .   Remind - FOR ALL - @87hd9f

What the students will need prior to start

Concert instrument - make sure that your instrument is in good working condition (slides pulled, valves oiled, lots of good reeds).  If you need a school-owned instrument, make sure you use the form on the front page of our website, or contact Mr. Foster - crfoster@wcpss.net.  ALL PERCUSSIONISTS will be playing on a snare drum pad and snare sticks.  Since we can't, and don't have enough, mallet instruments (marimba/xylophone/etc) for each student, we will focus on snare development only during this online time.

Books - for the group playing days, the students will need 2 books.  You must purchase the books prior to August 24th.  Some students may already have the Foundations Book.  I've included amazon links, but many music stores have them as well - 

Foundations for a Superior Performance - Amazon link here*This book is for ALL students

Standard of Excellence Book 2 - Amazon link here*Concert Band and Symphony Band 

Standard of Excellence Book 3 - Amazon link here*Wind Ensemble

Earn money for the Band General Fund every time you purchase. Just be sure to go to smile.amazon.com anytime you purchase from Amazon. Be sure to configure your Smile account's charitable organization to be "Cary Band Boosters Club".

For the Music Appreciation days, all materials will be sent to the students online via Google Classroom.  Each chapter will have a PDF, links to music, etc.  Nothing needed for this part of the class, unless the students want to use a notebook for note taking.

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