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Staff-1 Venue Staffing

Staff One allows students (aged 16+) and parents to work as ticket takers and ushers for sporting events and other activities at local venues and univesities.

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How much can I earn?

Staff-1 staffing hours are funded at $9.00 per hour.

How long is the shift?

Shifts generally last 4-6 hours, and require workers to arrive at the site 2-2.5 hours prior to start.  Report times will vary depending on event time announced.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for a slot, go to the Cary Band Venue Signups calendar

What Should I Wear?

You will be issued a polo style shirt or jacket prior to each event.  This garment must be returned at the conclusion of your shift.  If you fail to return a shirt or jacket, you group will be charged the cost for replacing it.

All uniforms are expected to be neat, clean and presentable.  Your shirt should be tucked in, with collar down and sleeves fastened.  Please wear a collared shirt for known jacketed events.

At your own expense, the following clothes are required as part of our dress code:

  • Khaki tan pants

  • Plain black or brown belt

  • Mostly black comfortable shoes or sneakers

  • White T-shirt to wear under your staff shirt

  • Collared shirt for known jacketed events

The following are acceptable:

  • Neat beards and facial hair (subject to supervisory approval)

  • Moderate hairstyles and length (subject to supervisory approval)

  • Inexpensive wristwatch

  • Small earrings for females, no larger than a quarter

  • Staff One hats or plain black or navy baseball caps or skull caps (no logo)

  • Clear rain gear or see-through rain gear

  • Dark color no logo long sleeved t-shirts may be warn under your staff shirt or jacket

The following are not acceptable:

  • Non-essential or expensive jewelry

  • Handbags on post

  • Certain types of body piercing

  • Earrings on males

  • Use of head garments (hats, etc) aside from company issued apparel

  • Wearing sunglasses at night or indoors

  • Offensive or excessive tattoos (supervisory approval), may require covering

  • Rolling up shirt sleeves

  • Hooded sweatshirts or hoodies

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