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Cary Band has teamed with GoPlaySave to sell coupon books (and now a smartphone app) offering valuable savings to many popular restaurants, stores, and other merchants right here in Cary and all over the Triangle area.


Why should I GoPlaySave this year?

Selling GoPlaySave is a great opportunity for you to pay off your Fair Share Assessment. Even though COVID-19 disrupted our Spring and Fall programs, you may still have a balance for a previous season. For freshmen, you can get a head start and any funds you raise will apply to future seasons.

For every book you sell, $13.50 will go towards your Fair Share Assessment!

How do I sell?

You can sell either the physical book, the mobile book, or bundles with both.

  • Set up your OWN custom URL by clicking here and then click    START SELLING   .

  • Enter your own information.

  • Share the link on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor.

  • Share with local family members.

  • Share with your neighbors.

Click here to see the custom URL setup process.

You can also sell in person (following appropriate social distancing practices). When you make a sale, have them go directly to your own custom URL.

How long can I sell?

The fundraiser ends in mid-August.

What is the Mobile App?

Introduced last year as an option, the mobile app is the preferred way to deliver coupons in 2021. Learn how it works here.

How can I sell?

For your's and other's safety, plan on using social media and emailing. Here are some ideas:

  • Email friends and family near to the Triangle area.

  • Post on your Facebook timeline so your friends can see.

  • Post on Facebook Groups you belong to. For instance, your neighborhood may have a group.

  • Post on the Nextdoor app.

  • Post on Instagram.

To help you out, here are some images you can use to email and post on social media:

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