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From Chris Foster, Cary High Band Director



There are many amazing aspects of being in the Cary Band.  For parents, they want their children to:

  • Develop a habit of persistence that will help them through the tough times in life and keep them on task when it would be easier to quit.

  • Learn to be more responsible and see that mistakes are an opportunity to grow and make necessary corrections on the pathway to success.

  • Master the skills of cooperation so they enjoy working with their counterparts in every realm of personal and professional life.

  • Create a set of personal values that allow a prosperous and fulfilling lifelong journey and find a way to express these understandings.

  • Find a meaningful form of contribution that is significant to self and others.

Band is a training ground for all these attributes, and so much more.  Unfortunately, many non-band parents and non-band students are not told of the many benefits band students acquire, such as improved self-image, personal discipline, and the ability to work with others.


From a personal viewpoint, I am absolutely convinced that once non-band people understand the value music has in the development of every student, more people would be a part of the CARY BAND FAMILY.  So, spread the word!  #BecauseOfBand  #CaryBand

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